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In the separate document Linux Setup Issues I describe some general Linux setup quirks and tips.

Upgrading to Linux 2.4.0

In mid January 2001 I and my brother Björn Stenberg (independently) upgraded our kernels to the 2.4.0 series. I decided to collect our experiences here...

What Is New?

Lots of things. Joe Pranevich wrote an article about what's new in 2.4.

A few highlights include: better internal effieciency, no more 1024 processes limit, bigger memory support, NFS v3 support, ISA PnP, USB support, I2O support, PCMCIA support, rewritten network layer, big files support (>2GB), improved SMP....

What Do I Need To Update?

Otherwise, nothing was much different. It was much the same as upgrading kernels usually are.

Tigran Aivazian's in-depth article about the 2.4 Linux Kernel Internals is very interesting!