Daniel's page

Summary from Devcon2006

It all started a friday afternoon. Linus and Daniel left work early and went shopping food and beers and then started setting up stuff in the conference place.

We were located in Akalla, a northern suburb to Stockholm (Sweden), in the offices of Contactor Data (employer of a few Rockbox developers).

The conference was truly international, with visitors coming in from Germany, Britain and USA.

During the afternoon we got the network setup and we messed around a bit to get the webcam going and started publishing camshots updated every 5th second.

Björn popped in at around 14:30

Jens arrived at 15:30

We unpacked the box with Rockbox shirts and made sure everyone got a shirt as soon as they arrived.

The evening started calmly, with some gentle CVS commits and hacking.

The webcam got very popular and quite a crowd did visit the devcon page and monitored the cam updates. In fact there were so many visitors the poor rockbox.org bandwidth struggled so much that at 20:39 Mikachu had kindly arranged a new hosting for the webcam pictures to offload the rockbox.org network.

We checked the flight schedules of Brandon and Christi, as we knew they were gonna meet up at the airport. One of their flights was delayed, and quite amusingly when Christi called us with her cell phone Brandon appeared on IRC asking if we'd heared anything from her. We managed to guide them to the same spot...

... a few hours later, we started to get worried as Christi and Brandon had still not showed up at the conference place and they hadn't called...

21:00 - Linus took a drive with his car to see if he would find some lost souls wandering about in the cold. He didn't!

21:45 - We looked outside over at the Burger King place only to see their closing time. Ooops, they close at 22:00! Daniel ran out to go fetch us some food before they close. The others waiting in case someone would show up.

22:01 - When Daniel got back with a few bags with burgers and fries, Christi and Brandon arrived! They had only gotten off too late from the bus and then when trying to get the subway back they got off on the wrong station...

Jörg arrived with an even later flight and Daniel picked him up and they got back to the place just before 23:00

We started the first actual talk and conferencing on Saturday morning.

Saturday 12:00 - Andreas appeared

The rest of the event was lots of hacking, lots of talking, eating food, drinking beer, IRCing on #rockbox and we did go over the entire planned agenda and we did reach lots of good results and consensus.

We even decided on a 3.0 release, including feature freeze and more!

We ended the event on Sunday afternoon. We had a great time.

The photos on this page were taken by Brandon, Jörg, Jens and Daniel.

Here's the happy bunch of Rockbox hackers that showed up and spent the time at this conference. Ain't the shirts looking good, ey?
Jens in the room, before most the crowd had shown up
Christi's investigating Rockbox on her iPod
Daniel and Linus, two happy campers!
Jens and Brandon
Breakfast time in the office's coffee area
Linus demonstrates the wonders of the Swedish cheese slicer for Brandon and Christi
Linus, Björn, Christi, Brandon and Jens in an early Saturday morning talk.
A tourist taking photos of the attendees - ok, this tourist (Kjell Ericson) is known to have done commits to Rockbox in the past
The tower of Rockbox
Jörg - a happy man with a large amount of Archos players...
The team in the conference room where most of the actual conferencing, talking and debating took place
Linus - being the poster boy - talks a lot! ;-)
The paper on the table in front of Jörg is actually the printout of the agenda. Now you should start grasping how serious we were!
Coffee and coke go great with a lively discussion on how to solve Rockbox matters
We all agree!
White board jots after Linus' talk about the new TARGET_TREE source code design for firmware, drivers and target-specific code
Lunch in a local restuarant
Jens and Brandon in front of Andreas. All very busy hacking Rockbox.
Christi, Björn and Daniel.
Brandon, Jens, Jörg and Linus
Jörg's present for Linus and Daniel can be seen on the table closest to the camera: two boxes of chocolate
Pretty good overview from the back of the room we spent most time in. On the screen the projector is showing the live feed from the webcam.
Say hello to the webcam. It served us well. But the stinkning Creative software wasn't very good without a bunch of extra perl scripting... And to the right is the photo taken from the cam when Jörg took the picture!
Linus and Daniel, with Daniel's wife and daughter coming to visit
Linus' operating table with soldering equipment and more. Live surgery was shown on the webcam when Linus did some Archos Ondio modifications.
A perfect example of a conference table. Laptop, cables and a load of music players.
Busy hacking Rockbox
Daniel and Jens
Brandon's laptop and development environment