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Daniel's Summary of Rockbox Devcon 2007

(Pictures on this page are mostly taken by Peter, with occational ones by me and the group picture by Jens.)

The happy crowd

School room formation with the tables, all facing front

Peter brought beer, Linus eagerly tries it out

The webcam was really busy taking photos and here's the output from the pic uploading script. The download server hosting the pics really peaked bandwidth-wise during the weekend.

A very important part of any serious Rockbox gathering is of course the building of the tower of Rockbox, and this time I dare to say that we made the biggest one yet. Counting the bare bones PCBs and development targets, I believe we exceeded 20 targets in the creation. Of course we cheated somewhat since there's a 80GB 5.5G ipod in there, and it wasn't an actual target until days after devcon... But there were several more targets present, so it could have been made bigger.

Discussions around the table in the conference room.

Secret photo of the Agenda with additional hand-written notes from yours truly. As you can see, the Rockbox cups are in use and the beer bottle is empty.

Jens and Marianne, Daniel and Marcoen.

Some devs were seen sleeping at times.

Some devs woke early and eagerly dashed to the computer for some quick commits before the other noticed... As seen here, the webcam wasn't even turned on!

Breakfast in the office

Marianne, Jens and Linus in their Rockbox suits.

Jens uses the whiteboard to explain to the crowd how we can make the 32/64 MB RAM detection for ipod videos so that we can have one united build for them.

Thai food in Kista Galleria, a local mall with a food court

Daniel, Anders and Marcoen

Peter's computer, multi-meter and H300 PCB. The screen shows him watching the webcam, chatting on #rockbox and reading data sheet...

A view from the back of the room, showing the people and the projected screen that shows what the webcam sees.

Devcon 2007 is over. Everyone has left. Order is restored. Nothing ever happened.

To help sponsor next year's devcon, please consider buying one of these:

18-20 May, 2007

We were a bit late with setting the date and thus announcing devcon this year, and that of course made it hard for some devs to attend.

I got this year's newly designed tshirts around 10am the morning devcon started. Real life prevented me from attending from the first moments, so Linus shouldered the responsibilities to pick people up when they came from the airport and to setup the network facilities etc.

As a little surprise this year, we also had Haxx sponsor us with a nice set of Rockbox coffee cups - the blue ones you'll spot on photos from devcon.

Like last year, we spent the weekend in the office of Contactor Data which employs several of us Swedes. Access to meeting rooms, whiteboards and a fully charged coffee machine!

Jens and Marianne showed up around 14, they had the network and webcam up and running around 16, Christi showed up at 18 and at 20 Marcoen arrived.

I got to the devcon place at 21 a short while before Peter came. For some reason there was quite some talk on IRC about the beer he was gonna bring, so when we showed up we of course took a moment and got amazed by the nice collection he pulled out from his bag.

We had two talk sessions, one on saturday and one on the sunday and we had a wide spectrum of topics to discuss. I would say we managed quite well.

During the devcon we agreed that having a single huge devcon is better than having two separate one like this year (one in Europe and one in the US), so we now plan on making a greater effort to make a unified one 2008. We hope to manage this by subsidizing tickets even more and you can help by donating to us:

... one way is to buy one of the signed bottles, as advertised at the bottom of this page.

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