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Daniel's Summary of Rockbox Devcon 2008

Previous devcons: 2006 and 2007.

The Rockbox developers present at devcon 2008
The happy crowd

The People in the picture, left to right, top to bottom:

Maurus Cuelenaere mcuelenaere
Paul Louden Llorean
Dominik Wenger domonoky
Linus Nielsen Feltzing LinusN
Robert Kukla roolku
Dominik Riebling bluebrother
Frank Gevaerts gevaerts
Jens Arnold amiconn
Marianne Arnold pixelma
Marcoen Hirschberg markun
Austin Appel scorche
Bj√rn Stenberg Zagor
Daniel Stenberg Bagder
Peter D'Hoye petur

Another devcon has taken place and yet again it was a happy occasion with lots of fun, lots of talk and lots of targets.

pictures and videos from the event taken by petur, and I also put together a movie from the still images taken during devcon 2007.

Screenshot from a typical moment on the live stream

This year we gathered in Berlin Germany during 27-29th of June. We had the conference at the company Jens is employed by and we slept at nearby hotels. Everything worked great!

The Rockbox fund paid for a lot of the food during the event (breakfasts and dinners) and attendees will get travel expenses and hotels paid for, up to 200 Euros per person. As a sign of our appreciation of people showing up.

The "official" 2008 devcon page includes links to recordings from the two discussion sessions we did, both recorded with video and "plain" mp3 recordings.

Thanks to the fun service of ustream.tv, we had a live-stream of the entire event broadcasted. Not that we're a lot of fun to watch or anything, but it certainly gave us a certain feel of "connection" with the guys who couldn't make it here and were hanging out on IRC instead during the event. It also let us record the stream which allowed everyone to experience the atmosphere of the talk sessions.

We had 24 (!) different targets present that all could run Rockbox to various degrees, and 9 potentional future targets:

This picture also shows a collection of the fine beers we enjoyed.

The art of building towers out of targets that "can display Rockbox" was taken to a new level with this:

75 cm Rockbox tower
The biggest Tower of Rockbox so far? 75cm, more than 1TB of storage.

A big thanks to Jens and Marianne who worked as hosts for this great event!

daniel at haxx dot .se