Below you will find a small description of some of the contributors to FrexxEd or the FrexxEd Home Page. Since people write their own dossier some of them may seem blatant :) Don't blame me.
If you have contributed to FrexxEd or to this home page yourself, please feel free to submit a picture (gif, b&w, height = 150 pixels) and some self-indulgent blurt. You can also include links in the text (check out Edd's text). Remember: I don't have time to resize the picture, fix grammar or insert links for you. You'll see what you submit. No more, maybe less ;)

FrexxEd Authors

Daniel Stenberg

Daniel Stenberg (IRC handle "bagder"), one of the FrexxEd authors. Works as a unix/embedded systems programmer at Frontec. Also involved in a bunch of other more or less serious programming projects. Most of my IRC is done during work hours why I might be away every now and then.

Kjell Ericson

I live in Stockholm. I started my career with the old C64 in 1983, and went over to the Amiga in 1991. My favourite occupation is to drink a cold beer in a hot day while my computer is compiling!

... and the addicts

Mathias Axelsson

Edd Dumbill

Edd Dumbill is a Java programmer working for the UK Press Association. He wrote Heddley, the AmigaGuide editor, which is used for the FrexxEd documentation. These days he hacks around with Java more than anything else, but may well be tempted to get involved with the FrexxEd Windows 95 port. Mail him at

Daniel Kahlin

Jørgen 'Da' Larsen

Patrik Lundquist

Roger Martensson

He's an 23 year old Amiga addict. He's maybe one of the last A500 owners that have upgraded to an A3000. He have followed FrexxEd since 0.5x, and loves it. In the realworld he's trying to study Computer Science at the mid Sweden University. Visit his home page by clicking here.

Bjørn Reese

Bjørn is a martial arts freak who runs clonebots and beats the pulp out of everybody.


If you should ever stop by #frexxed at IRC, you would most likely get a chance to meet Rowbie. Very nice bot, and polite too :) Bjørn Reese, his father, has some documentation on-line if you want to know more about Rowbie.

Jesper Skov

24 years old FrexxEd addict, living in Aalborg, Denmark. Spends most of his spare time at the computer doing magic. He's studying CS/CSE at IESD/Aalborg Universitet and looks forward to graduating in 1997. From reliable sources he has been identified as the maintainer of the FrexxEd Home Page. You can visit his personal home page, Casa JSkov, or send him a letter if you like.

Björn Stenberg

I'm 23 years old and work as a computer consultant at Frontec. My pet project is the FrexxLink BBS system, which I improve a little every day. On my spare time, I like to go mountain biking and grabbing a beer with my friends.

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