Below you will find a list of ideas for scripts people would like to see implemented in FPL for FrexxEd. If you feel you have the time and energy to spare, please sign up for implementation.... You will not get any money for your work, but if you are lucky, some happy dude may thank you for implementing the one tool/function/game he felt was missing in FrexxEd. You accept the implementation job by pressing the [Sign up] link. Each idea is listed with Title, Name and Email of submitter and a general description. If you would like to know more about the idea, contact the submitter.
If you have an idea you would like to see implemented, but lack the time/energy/competence, please share it with others. Someone might think it's a good idea as well, and would want to implement it. You can submit an idea by clicking here. However, you should check out the list of ideas before you submit it. Someone may have thought of it before... It may even be in the list of active projects. You could then send the programmer any additional suggestions directly.


List of projects people are working on. If you work on something, you should consider adding it to the list, thus preventing others in wasting time on the same project. Submit project description by clicking here.
Also, if you have some ideas for further enhancement of a specific project, please drop a line to the dude working on the implementation.
HTML-environment (Ole Barnkob Kaas,
It would be nice with an programming environment for HTML, emphasizing commands, matching brackets/commands etc.
Programmer : Ole Barnkob Kaas (
(, )
Programmer : ()
FPL Compiler (Daniel Stenberg,
Byte-compiled FPL programs execute much faster. They can/will be used transparantly and mixed with interpreted ones.
Programmer : Daniel Stenberg ( Last modified: Fri Mar 22 14:30:38 1996