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Jonas Hummelstrand

00000000 f0 01 ed da da dd ed ca b1 e0
00000013 fa 11 ed de c0 de d0 cc a1 1e da 1d
0000002b 0f f1 c1 a1 b1 11 ba ff 1e d0
fooled dad added cable
failed decode doc called aid
official bill baffled

Anders Ohlsson

00000000 ba 11 ad 0f ab ad ca 11
00000010 ac 00 10 1d c0 b0 1a ce de f1 ed 0f f1 c1 a1 ba bb 1e
00000034 da bb 1e dc 0d ed c0 c0 af 11 ea dd ed ca 11 ed 01 dc 0d e0
0000005b de ed 0f f0 01 f0 11 ed b1 dd eb ac 1e be fe 11 de a1
0000007f ba ff 1e d1 1a b1 e0 ff 1c ef ac ed af ee b1 ed f0 1d ed
000000a5 ac ab a1 0f a1 11 a1 d0 ff de c1 de d2 1c ef ee b1 e0 1d 1a d0

Ballad of a Bad Call

A cool old Cobol ace defied official babble:
Dabbled, coded Cocoa - file added called old code.
Deed of fool foiled bid, debacle befell deal;
Baffled, liable office faced a fee, bled, folded!
A cabal of all laid off decided 2 ice feeble old lad.

Anne-Marie Eklund L÷winder

(in swedish)

00000000 1b eb 0d da 0d 1a de
0000000e da 10
00000011 f1 ff 1a de 1a b1 1e 01 0f
00000023 f1 1a df 10 10
0000002c ba dd ad eb 10 da dc 01 11 e0

i bebodda odlade
fifflade labile olof
filad fiol
baddade blodad collie