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AMS Sansa Series Firmwares
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This page is just for the firmware images. See the main AMS Sansas page for the main AMS details, file formats and more.

AMS Sansa Series Firmwares

I'm collecting as many firmware images as possible for all SanDisk AMS Sansa targets.

The actual firmware image bin files seem to always be either 5243904 bytes or 15728640 bytes. The latter in e200, Fuze and clipv2 cases.

The letters in the versions seem to be A - America, E - Europe and F - Europe with FM Radio


All these images are 1.6MB 7zip archives:


Clip v2 models have firmwares in the v2 series:

Clip firmware Changelog



Fuze v2 models have firmwares in the v2 series:

More or Other?

If you have other firmware versions or even versions for other AMS-based targets, please don't hesitate to get them sent my way. The more images we get, the more we'll have to work with understanding the format and disassembling the firmwares!

Thanks to all you who helped me gather these. Including Florian Dewes, Martin Sägmüller, Fahim Miah, Hans-Peter Oeri, Simon Kjikaqawej and other friends.

Updated: June 6, 2010 23:41 (Central European, Stockholm Sweden)

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