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SanDisk e260 Ripped Apart
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SanDisk e260 Ripped Apart

Rockbox SandiskE200HardwareComponents wiki page gathers all details and HW knowledge.

Here's pictures of my Sansa e260 internals. I had to use my digicam since my scanner isn't really good enough for this kind of task. I think the pics have details enough to at least be interesting.

There are additional photos on the e260 dev board page.

all pieces of a ripped apart e260
(Above) Here's all pieces when taken apart. The LCD is attached to the PCB using a flat cable in the bottom end and two platic "arms" holding on to the PCB in the upper end.

PCB backside
(Above) Here's the back/under side of the PCB. The PP5024B is the middle chip, with the Hynix (believed to be (S)DRAM) above that:

The flash chips (shown below) are located on the separate tiny daughter board to the very right. As I pointed out in the wiki, the numbers of my chips are interesting when comparing with the 6GB and 2GB models, as it seems the '16384' chip is 2GB while the 4GB one seems to be marked '32768'... (and yes, the pic shows my fingers and tool since I didn't want to remove the plastic pad completely but just pushed it gently for the photo to catch the numbers). The number would then match megabits of course. 32768/8 = 4096 and 16384/8 = 2048...

PCB upside with buttons and LCD
Above is the front/upper side of the PCB with the wheel thing and LCD.
And a closup on the little "LC2" circuit in the lower right corner:

battery front side
Above is front and back side of the stock 750mAh battery. Easily replacable.

front cover
Front cover

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