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India 1997/1998

Daniel Stenberg and Anja Zettinger. All pictures on this page are Copyright (C) 1998 Daniel and Anja, you are not allowed to steal or re-use them for any purpose without permission from us.

We took an Aeroflot flight to Delhi, from Stockholm via Moscow, the 14th of December 1997.
Arriving in India was a shock. Not only because of the intensive traffic, but also all the people, all smells, the pollution and all the noise.

One of the more convenient ways of transportation in the Indian cities is taking an autorickshaw. Here is Daniel in front of one.
One thought that crossed our minds was how on earth do they do when they have problems in one of these?
The holiest town of the hindus Varanasi, formerly known as Benares, seen from the holiest of all rivers: the Ganges. The water had a colour that made us refrain from putting our hands in it! :-)
We reached the city called Agra and saw one of the most famous buildings in India. The Taj Mahal is even more great than it looks like here!
This is outside the entrance of the old fort in Agra, around 100 years older than the Taj and a very large and majestic building too.
The weather was freezing cold and very foggy (as seen) when we visited the "ghost town" Fatehpur Sikri, abandoned by the Moguls in the 16th century.
The most impressive temples built in the middle of nowhere. The little village has some 7000 inhabitants and these 25 temples from the 10th - 11th centuries surround it. The temples are famous for all these carved statues that are all over every temple. They are rather explicit and feature lots of sex...
All over India you have to take off your shoes before entering any sanctuary like temples or palaces.
There's no place nor city without lots and lots of cows. This is a typical one, right in the middle of the traffic.
Buying food is done in places like this.
The city of Jodhpur seen from the fort. (India is filled with forts!)
The blue houses are houses of Brahmins - the priest caste.
The fort in Jodhpur is one of the most magnificent and amazing buildings we saw during our journey.
A typical market scene, this is the Sadaar Market still in Jodhpur.
These two both show the city and fort of Jaisalmer, far west in India, very near the Pakistani border.
Part of the old city resides in the 12th century fort. The streets in the fort are very narrow and labyrinth-like!
The artificially created lake near Jaisalmer has a large amount of temples around it and even one in the middle of it!
India is filled with camels and they are used in everyday life very much, especially in these western parts. (Still Jaisalmer)
Bada Bagh - a collection of temples (what else?)...
Old man sitting outside a building in a Rajput village.
Sand dunes at the edge of the Thar desert. The world's 8th largest desert,
With no doubt the coolest building in Jaipur!
One of the citizens of Jaipur.
The Main Bazaar street, a crowded part of old Delhi and a budget travellers centre. A typical Indian store. There is no way to see what they have, sit down and let the keepers show you... Anja is sitting down awaiting our shirts.
Daniel and Anja, proud new owners of these Indian-style wardrobe additions! The man operating the camera must've been a little shaky judging from the blurry picture! ;-)