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Visiting Maine, June 20th to July 4th 1998

Daniel Stenberg and Anja Zettinger. All pictures on this page are Copyright (C) 1998 Daniel and Anja, you are not allowed to steal or re-use them for any purpose without permission from us.

Beach babes, Cape Cod

Jack's the Barbecue Master. Daniel's learning...

Schnapps time in the back yard

Is grass from the other side of the fence really better, or do they just like me?

Daniel's first and only encounter with a Maine moose. LL Beans.

Anja wears her new T-shirt. Boothbay Harbor is all about boats. This is a restaurant.

Boothbay Harbor. Boats.

Swedes driving a Japanese car in America!

Old Orchard Beach. OOB in Maine language.

Washinton DC? No, Augusta!

Friendly's giant milk shakes and Super Melt Chicken Sandwhich caused those big smiles!

Our B & B in Northeast Harbor, just outside Acadia National Park. Wondering why we have a fire in the end of June? The weather Gods just didn't like us.


View from Beehive.

Mount Cadillac. Yes, that blue thing on the right is a kite.

Bubble Rock. Anja didn't quite succeed in her mission...

Daniel failed miserably, too.

Pemaquid Point. Great rocks!

No visit to or photo collection from Maine would be complete without a lighthouse!

This was fun until we realized we had to climb in and up through this rock.

We made it! We're up in the clouds!

Step Falls. Lots of falls. In steps.

Grafton Notch State Park. Reaching this particular point was a lot harder than the photo shows!

Out of 10244 kinds of chips, Daniel picked this bag.

Daniel, Marcia, Jack and Anja!

Thanks for a wonderful vacation!