Backpacking around Mexico left many deep impressions. Most of them were difficult to catch with a camera, but some did get caught!

Somewhere between Puerto Escondido and Acapulco the bus's luggage compartment accidentally opened up and all the luggage fell out! In Cuajinicuilapa, somewhere along the road, the incident was discovered and the busdriver went back to look for our bags. The picture shows Anja and a group of fellow-sufferers in Cuajinicuilapa, hoping for the bags to turn up. They never did.

Markets are usually the only place to buy fruit and vegetables. But it doesn't stop with that, most markets offer everything from shoes and handicrafts to stereos.

Lunch break along the road, don't remember where.

Traditional indian dance in a town plaza.

We sort of "collect" waterfalls. Tzararacua fits in very well.

A group of students wanted to practice their English and we wanted to practice our Spanish, which made it an interesting conversation!