After the crowded Mexico City, Oaxaca was a relief. Oaxaca is one of the poorest states in Mexico, but rich in culture and nature.

Because it was in the middle of the rain season everything was green and beautiful. We didn't have much rain, though. Only a couple of cloudbursts in four weeks.

The Mitla ruins.


Inspecting one of the many millions of cactuses around Oaxaca.

Sala de las Columnas in Mitla. There's a column that you're supposed to put your arms around to measure how many years you have left to live, counting the number of hand widths between your finger tips. Now, Daniel is tall with long arms and therefore doesn't have much time left...


This tree in Tule is said to have the world's biggest girth. It's all just one tree and it certainly is huge!

Mezcal is big here. There are manufacturing places all over. It is said to cure all sorts of deceases and works as an aphrodisiac. A traditional bottle of Mezcal contains a worm - the last person who drinks from the bottle is supposed to eat it. We didn't adapt to that tradition...