Caripe, Venezuela


Venezuela is much more than beaches, believe it or not. Mountain biking in search of the famous Guacharo cave in the Caripe area, we experienced beautiful mountain scenery, orange plantations and banana groves. We didn't find the cave, though... until the next day, when we took the bus! And when we returned the bikes, we had a whole bag with spare parts that had fallen off...




Some good things in South America:
  • friendly people
  • the metro in Caracas
  • the weather
  • numbered bus seats
  • non-pushy salespeople
  • internet
  • no smokers
  • films in english

Typical Venezuelan bus. It's not fast, it's not comfortable, but the sound system is always in impeccable condition for loud, non-stop salsa or merengue. Very fun after 12 hours...

At this point, the bikes are still fairly intact.

WHERE is that cave???

This fruit stand along the road saved our lives when the water bottle was empty.

The entrance to the Guacharo cave (yes, there's a man standing down there!), named after the unique bird that lives in there in very large amounts.