Safari: Lake Manyara National Park

From Arusha we went on a safari for 6 days and 5 nights. Elias, our own guide, showed us around and our very own(!) chef made us delicios meals. Everything was seen from the open roof of the jeep.

A view of the park. Not a single animal seen yet!

Lots of animals now!

Zebras often lean their heads on each others backs, which is very cute.

A flock of at least one hundred baboons surrounded our jeep, seemingly unaware of our presence.

At first the elephant was walking straight towards us on the road, but then spotted his friends in the woods and took off.

Relaxing outside our tent at the Kirurumu Luxury Tented Lodge...

... and luxurious it was! Real beds, electricity and a water closet inside the tent!

During a walking tour with a real Masaai(!), we got to see various plants the Masaai people use as medicines.

(C) 2002 by Anja and Daniel