Safari: Ngorongoro Crater

The Ngorongoro Crater is an extinct volcano. Here's Elias and Anja standing on the crater rim, with huge amounts of animals down below.

On the crater floor, in a designated walking area next to a hippo pool (where Anja stepped really deep down into the mud).

From a distance, we just saw a pink cloud. Then we heard the sound of birds and when we got close we realized the "cloud" was a vast amount of flamingos.

This pair of lions put on a real show. They passed our jeep (one on each side!) so close that we could have touched them if we'd dared to.

Tarangire National Park

An elephant family drinking from the river.

Boboa trees can become several thousand years old. Anja is younger.

(C) 2002 by Anja and Daniel