The Cu Chi Tunnels

Not far from Saigon, the North Vietnamese built a whole system of underground tunnels that were used during the war. People lived in the tunnels for long periods of time, constructing weapons, while bombs destroyed everything above. The tunnels were very smart and apparently played an important part in the war, but the horror that went on in and above them is incomprehensible. A small part of the system is now made into a museum.

A hike in the forest above the tunnels.

Skinny Thong, our guide for the day, was very funny. But at one point, when we asked about the length of the tunnels, he sighed and said "I can only tell what I'm supposed to tell you".

Someone is coming up...

Inside a 'tourist size' tunnel, the original ones are even smaller.

(C) 2001 by Anja and Daniel