Ha Noi - Sights

Contrary to what one might think, Hanoi has a really green and lushing centre. There is also a fair amount of sights and must-sees around the huge city.
Hoan Kiem lake, a perfect place to relax from the traffic for a while.

When the school children lined up like this, we just couldn't resist. We asked permission from the techer before we took the picture, though.

Evidence of a christian minority. The Catholic church.

Ho Chi Minh is the number one national hero. He's not only present on every bill and has the former city of Saigon named after him, this is the Ho Chi Min Museum. We never entered.

The Ho Chi Minh Maosoleum. Watching an embalmed corpse is absurd, but that's what we did!

The One Pillar pagoda is built on... a pillar!

Some scenes from the Temple of Literature, Vietnams first university.

(C) 2001 by Anja and Daniel