Ha Noi - Shopping

In the old quarters of Hanoi, there are areas that specialize in different things. There's the rope street, the towel street, the buddha statue street, the tin box street and so on. We could walk around for hours just watching!
This is the red lamps and kite street.

Gravestone street.

Shoes, shoes and more shoes!! Most of them looked the same to us...

Fruit stand in the market. Many of them we had never seen before.

This friendly woman worked at a tiny museum and offered us tea in equally tiny cups. Typical vietnamese style.

Nothing's ever too big to carry on a motorcycle. So, if you buy two new drawers, how else would you get them home?

Anja tried to instruct the hair dressers. They probably didn't understand a single word!

(C) 2001 by Anja and Daniel