The Mekong Delta

From Saigon, we took a three-day tour to the Mekong Delta. This was one of the highlights of our entire journey.
In the Mekong Delta, everything is done on water. The houses are built on water, and water is pretty much all you have for roads. Here's a row of shops!

One of many boats we travelled in.

Life in the Delta. The water gets its colour from the muddy bottom, not so much from pollution.

We could not pass a single child without causing excitement. They all screamed "hellooooooo" and waved frantically, running along the shore beside our boat. Us waving and screaming back brought out big smiles.

Fruit on its way to the market.

We visited this boy's home because it also serves as a coconut candy factory. Note the little altar, which can be found in every single home, shop, hotel or restaurant all over Vietnam.

The floating market.


(C) 2001 by Anja and Daniel