The Mekong Delta (part II)

One day we borrowed a couple of bikes and explored a litttle island village...

... there was only one road and coconut or banana trees could be seen everywhere.

Rice noodle production, a family business. Mom is spreading out the rice dough, oldest son lays it out to dry in the back yard, dad cuts it - all while grandma watches tv.

Taking the local bus...

The road is not primarily used for transport but for drying rice. Anything else would be a waste of valuable flat, dry space.

From Sam Mountain we could see many miles of rice paddies, and on the other side of the river is Cambodia.

Our most luxurious boat, with a bar and leather sofa and all. To sit on the sun deck and see the sun set in the Mekong River was something special.

Checking into our hotel, just a little bit chaotic.

Next day, we got into rowing boats to visit a floating village. Good thing they gave us the hats, or we would have been fried...

In an area where floodings happen every year, floating houses make perfect sense. Since growing rice is difficult, they have fish farms under their houses, instead! One man showed us his house: through a hole in the floor he feeds his fishes in a huge cage.

Hundreds and hundreds of storks, seen from a wathing tower. From the ground you don't see anything!

(C) 2001 by Anja and Daniel