Saigon, our first encounter with Vietnam. Huge, but civilized. Except for the traffic! With only motorbikes and no cars on the roads, the concept of "lanes" disappears...

The trick is to cross the road very slowly. That way the drivers can make a way around you.

All of Vietnam is full of memories from the American War (or the Vietnam War, as we in the west call it). This tank stands in front of the War Remnants Museum - a museum that left us in tears.

Outside the Reunification Palace. Pretty, huh? (Just kidding.)

Below the palace there's a maze of secret rooms that were used by the South Vietnamese army and that you enter through a hidden door. Daniel looks very professional, only the smile gives him away.

Strange music on even stranger instruments. The funny part is that after a couple of weeks exposure, you actually start to enjoy it...

It looked so easy when they did it!

Taking a break after the daily downpour. By now, we already got ourselves a pair of flip-flops. Regular sandals get wet - flip-flops don't!

Having breakfast at the market. Noodle soup was the only thing on offer, so noodle soup we ate.

(C) 2001 by Anja and Daniel