4 gsoc projects to Rockbox

It was just publicly announced that Rockbox will get 4 slots from Google for this year’s Summer of Code:

  1. Accessibility and localization improvements for Rockbox, which bascially means work on getting speech and translations work for plugins. I will personally mentor this project/student.
  2. ARM Emulator and a set of peripherals, to allow a real ARM-based firmware to execute and run in an emulator. Should be handy for reverse engineering, debugging and optimization. Most likely this will be based on SkyEye.
  3. Rockbox as an application on a Unix based smart phone – the student mentioned a Motorola Linux-based phone, but I’m not sure if that is carved in stone yet.
  4. WPS/Theme Editor – a PC based tool to help designing WPSes and themes for Rockbox.