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Daniel Stenberg
Daniel Stenberg

I am the founder and lead developer of cURL and libcurl. An internet protocol geek, an open source person and a developer. I've been programming for fun and profit since 1985. You'll find lots of info about my various Open Source projects on these web pages and on my GitHub profile. My name appears in products.

I participate within the IETF, primarily in the HTTPbis and QUIC working groups.

I speak in public every now and then and podcast on Fossified.

I stream curl development on twitch occasionally.

I work for wolfSSL doing commercial curl support. If you need help to fix curl problems, fix your app's use of libcurl, add features to curl, fix curl bugs, optimize your curl use or libcurl education for your developers... Then I'm your man. Contact us!

I write weekly reports you can read.

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