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Contact me

If you want to contact me for asking technical questions, media reasons, recruiting, arranging presentations, offering me money or any other reason where you want to reach me privately: I prefer if you send me an email and tell me what you want. Once done, we can arrange for other means of communications.

daniel at haxx dot se

If you want me to do a presentation, chances are I will happily do so, but do not assume that I can do so free of charge!


I live and work in Sweden in the Central European time zone. UTC + 1 in winters, UTC + 2 in summers.

Other means

IRC: 'bagder' on - in the #curl channel primarily.
Signal: yes, get my number first

Public Key

My GPG key as of April 7th, 2016: mykey.asc

I typically sign at least all releases of curl, libssh2 and c-ares using this key.