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My name appears in products

My name, Daniel Stenberg and email address, appear in many products. In license screens, about windows, credit sequences, author lists, third party software license collections and more. Like this example here on the right.

My name appears in computer games, mobile phones, television sets, car infotainment systems, software manuals, printer touch screens, device documentation and printed on paper shipped in glossy cardboard boxes.

My name shows up in all those places and many more for a very simple reason. I write software they use.

I write software that I give away for free for anyone to use. The users of software I work on usually download, build and use my software components without telling me and I often do not know who the users of my software are.

You probably found my name in a product I never heard of, and I never had any contact and never communicated with anyone on the team making that product.

My name often appears as part of the software license included with the software I help author. The device or tool manufacturer then includes that license text to adhere to the license conditions I have put on the software. They get to use my software for free on the small and simple condition that they inform the world that they are using my product.

Yes, in many cases my name and my email address might be almost the only one you can find or be the easiest one to use, but that is unfortunately simply the fault of the people making the products.

Products I helped create have been installed in way over ten billion installations and pieces of my code run in virtually all Internet connected devices on the globe.

The main products that are used widely that might contain or lead to my name include curl, c-ares and libssh2.

I cannot help you

When you find my name in a product there is rarely any point in contacting me for help or to ask me for guidance with said product.

I do not know that product. I do not know how to use, repair or operate that product, device or tool.

I was not involved in making the product. I do not know the people or the company that made the product. Asking me is totally useless and simply misdirected.

I do not know the people nor the company. I cannot help you get in contact with them.

I wrote a software component they use. That is all.

I collect screenshotted credits

If you found my name or credits in a product screen somewhere, please know that I collect screenhostted curl/Daniel credits on a dedicated page.

Questions about products I work on

If you have questions or need help about any of the products or projects I actually work on, then email your questions to the proper dedicated mailing lists or submit issues in their respective GitHub repositories.

Please do not contact me privately for free support. I offer free support in the public forums, and I offer private curl support for a fee.