The hack will still be useful

Okay, in my recent blog entry about Flash 10 using native libcurl I got a bit side-tracked and mentioned something about distros confusing libcurl’s soname 3 and 4. This caused some comments in that post and some further activities behind the curtains, so let me spell out exactly what I mean:

The ABI for libcurl did change between soname 3 and 4, but the change was in a rather subtle area (FTP third party transfers, sometimes known as FXP) which is rarely used. It certainly will not hurt the Adobe Flash system.

I’m not against “the hack” (or perhaps “a hack” as there are several ways an ordinary system could provide work-arounds or fixes for this problem) per-se, I am mainly trying to fight the belief or misconception that the ABI break doesn’t exist.

Since Adobe doesn’t want to provide an updated package that links against a modern libcurl and refuses to provide multiple packages, distros of course need to address this dilemma.

I just want all to know that 3 != 4, even if the risk that it’ll cause problems is very slim.

Update: it seems Adobe will change this behavior in their next release and then try to load either 3 or 4.