A new year with new fun

I had a great and relaxing winter/Christmas holiday and hence my silence here.

I’m now back up to speed, with a podcast interview done yesterday (I’ll post another entry when it gets available), I do some funded development on libcurl and libssh2 in the background while I’m spending my days at my client’s place working on a 10G traffic analyzer product.

It was rather calm during “the break” but I’ve now noticed that at least the curl project has gotten significantly increased activity again. We’re on a feature freeze now for the January release, but there seems to be at least 4 patches pending adding new stuff for the release planned to come after this (around March if things go well).

2 thoughts on “A new year with new fun”

  1. That’s a very good question.

    I’m having a hard time to make up my mind about that and there’s just so little feedback from others. I’ve gotten myself a little extra pondering time now due to the feature freeze, but I realize I need to address it in one way or another soonish.

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