curl and libcurl 7.19.7

Time again for a happy release event. Can you believe  this is in fact the 113th release?cURL

Run over to the curl download page to get it!

This time, we bring happiness with the best curl and libcurl release ever and it features four changes and a range of bug fixes. The changes to note this time include:

And a collection of bugs fixed since the previous release involves these issues:

  • The windows makefiles work again
  • libcurl-NSS acknowledges verifyhost
  • SIGSEGV when pipelined pipe unexpectedly breaks
  • data corruption issue with re-connected transfers
  • use after free if we’re completed but easy_conn not NULL (pipelined)
  • missing strdup() return code check
  • CURLOPT_PROXY_TRANSFER_MODE could pass along wrong syntax
  • configure –with-gnutls=PATH fixed
  • ftp response reader bug on failed control connections
  • improved NSS error message on failed host name verifications
  • ftp NOBODY on re-used connection hang
  • configure uses pkg-config for cross-compiles as well
  • improved NSS detection in configure
  • cookie expiry date at 1970-jan-1 00:00:00
  • libcurl-OpenSSL failed to verify some certs with Subject Alternative Name
  • libcurl-OpenSSL can load CRL files with more than one certificate inside
  • received cookies without explicit path got saved wrong if the URL had a query part
  • don’t shrink SO_SNDBUF on windows for those who have it set large already
  • connect next bug
  • invalid file name characters handling on Windows
  • double close() on the primary socket with libcurl-NSS
  • GSS negotiate infinite loop on bad credentials
  • memory leak in SCP/SFTP connections
  • use pkg-config to find out libssh2 installation details in configure
  • unparsable cookie expire dates make cookies get treated as session coookies
  • POST with Digest authentication and “Transfer-Encoding: chunked”
  • SCP connection re-use with wrong auth
  • CURLINFO_CONTENT_LENGTH_DOWNLOAD for 0 bytes transfers
  • CURLINFO_SIZE_DOWNLOAD for ldap transfers (-w size_download)