Haxx <<= 1;

Oh yes, I’ve been dreaming of the day when I could use a blog post title with a left shift operator! 😉

HaxxOur growth rate is indeed phenomenal as my brother Björn joins Haxx as employee number two, and we’ve now doubled our size! Well, at least we double the number of full-time Haxxers.

Haxx continues to focus on being highly skilled and experienced consultants within embedded, Linux , networking and open source.

If you need help in your project, or know of anyone else who could use skilled embedded consultants. Give us a beep!

If you, dear readers, are interested in working with or for us, and you think you are a skilled person within one or more of our areas then by all means get in touch! If you’re living and working in Sweden and most preferably in the Stockholm area, it’ll be really cool.