The Rockbox app part II


In February I wrote about how I think Rockbox’s future involves existing as an app (on Android), and it was also this year accepted as a gsoc project for Rockbox.

In June I got somewhat noticed when Joe Brockmeier wrote about Rockbox on and included a lot of references and talk about my post and the app situtation.

Today, Thomas “kugel” Martitz closed the circle by announcing on IRC and mail that he has indeed made Rockbox on Android play its first sounds and he is indeed progressing in a good direction.

While I’m told the current state is rough and there’s no installer or anything yet, I’m sure I share the view of lots of others that this is a great moment in the Rockbox history. A milestone. Thanks Thomas, I hope your work continues equally good and that we get an app to try out at the end of the summer or so.

Thomas’ git repo is here:


4 thoughts on “The Rockbox app part II”

  1. Congratulations to the whole Rockbox team and especially to kugel. Long may Rockbox continue rocking newer and shinier boxes.

  2. I love it!

    Thats a wonderful rocking milestone because of rockbox is coming on android for my Milestone of Moto 😉

    Can’t wait to have gapless playing on my stone. Keep up the good working!

  3. I hadn’t used rockbox since I lost my ipod v5/80g in 2/10.

    I’ve been since using the music player (remix) on the palm pre and like every other phone based music player, it is mediocre at best.

    I recently picked up a sansa fuze v2 so I could have more than about 6gig (fuze 8g + 16 microsdhc give me 24g). Loaded up rockbox and now I realize how much I missed it! Just the feature of automatic bookmarking makes rockbox worth it! Bookmark on a phone app, and you only bookmark one track. On the rockbox, I can be listening to an audiobook, switch to something else, and come back like I never left.

    Of course, the rockbox will have to get network streaming including playback into music stream servers, podcast downloads, ampache (but this time with decent caching so one can lose a phone connection for an hour while on the road in a rural area)…

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