Getting a new look

Haxx logo

Recently we have refreshed our logo design, and subsequently we’ve now also refreshed our web site to use this new look and design that already have influenced how our presentations, business cards and more look and will look in the future.

When I say “we” did it, there should be little surprise that we did engage with someone else to do this for us, since all of us at Haxx are quite incapable of doing designs that look tasteful.

We’re quite happy with the new look. We like the cool blue colors. More machine, less human, less colorful. This logo should also work slightly better in grayscale than before and getting rid of the border will also make it easier to use on various merchandise.

2 thoughts on “Getting a new look”

  1. Looks nice, congratulations!

    This means that my shirt is now a collector’s item I guess 🙂

  2. Yes, we of course did this mostly to make sure the owners of stuff with the old logo design on would feel appreciated (due to the item becoming a collector’s item) and give all of you a chance to get a new shirt/pen/mug/hat/whatever with the new logo! 🙂

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