Tales from my inbox, part++

“Josh” sent me an email. Pardon the language here but I decided to show the mail body unaltered:

From: Josh Yanez <a gmail address>
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 2016 22:27:13 -0800
To: daniel
Subject: Hey fucker

I got all your fucking info either you turn yourself in or ill show it to the police. You think I'm playing try me I got all your stupid little coding too.

Sent from my iPhone

This generates so many questions

  1. I’ve had threats mailed to be before (even done over phone) so this is far from the first time. The few times I’ve bothered to actually try to understand what these people are hallucinating about, it usually turns out that they’ve discovered that someone has hacked them or targeted them in some sort of attack and curl was used and I am the main author so I’m the bad guy.
  2. He has all my “info” and my “stupid little coding too” ? What “coding” could that be? What is all my info?
  3. Is this just a spam somehow that wants me to reply? It is directed to me only and I’ve not heard of anyone else who got a mail similar to this.
  4. The lovely “Sent from my iPhone” signature is sort of hilarious too after such an offensive message.

Very aware this could just as well suck me into a deep and dark hole of sadness, I was just too curious to resist so I responded. Unfortunately I didn’t get anything further back so the story thus ends here, a bit abrupt. 🙁

3 thoughts on “Tales from my inbox, part++”

  1. Reminds me of the frequent threads on chromium mailing lists about how to “get rid of this chromium malware”. Now that browser protect a bit against search/homepage/etc settings being hijacked by other apps, some bad actors have started opting to just install a custom chromium build with the desired settings baked-in and make it the user’s default browser instead, removing/hiding their other browsers. 🙁

  2. Your e-mail “info” is in numerous copyright notices so it’s not farfetched to think that is where he got it. I think it’s unlikely you are being baited.

    Sent from my desktop

  3. With increase in spam, I can’t imagine, how much of such funny or threatening mail , you must be receiving every day.

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