curl: 25000 commits

This morning I merged pull-request #4651 into the curl repository and it happened to then become the 25000th commit.

The first ever public release of curl was uploaded on March 20, 1998. 7924 days ago.

3.15 commits per day on average since inception.

These 25000 commits have been authored by 751 different persons.

Through the years, 47 of these 751 authors have ever authored 10 commits or more within a single year. In fact, the largest number of people that did 10 commits or more within a single year is 13 that happened in both 2014 and 2017.

19 of the 751 authors did ten or more changes in more than one calendar year. 5 of the authors have done ten or more changes during ten or more years.

I wrote a total of 14273 of the 25000 commits. 57%.

Hooray for all of us!

(Yes of course 25000 commits is a totally meaningless number in itself, it just happened to be round and nice and serves as a good opportunity to celebrate and reflect over things!)