emails I received, the collection

I have since at least 2009 posted occasional emails I received on this blog. Often they are emails from people who found my email address somewhere, thinking I am involved in the product or service where they found me. In cars, games, traces after breaches, apps and more.

They range from plain weird to fun to scary and threatening.

Somehow they help me remember that the world we live in is super complicated.

The ones I have shown here on the blog are only a small subset of those that I have received. And of all the ones I have received, I have not kept all, or at least not stored them in ways that makes it easy for me to find them now.

Also: for products such as Cisco Anyconnect and Mobdro I have received dozens of emails so I just selected a few examples to include

Out of the ones that I could find, I have dug up seventy-four different messages, converted them to markdown and added them to a brand new GitHub repository: bagder/emails.

I plan to add future email correspondence that meet the criteria as well.


The top image for this blog post is a joke back from when I received the subject: urgent warning email which talked about the “hacking ring”.