Inside 22,734 Steam games

About a year ago I blogged about games that use curl. In that post I listed a bunch of well-known titles I knew use curl and there was a list of 136 additional games giving credit to curl.

Kind of amazing that over one hundred games decided to use curl!

At the time, lots of people told me that number was probably way low and while I kind of had that feeling as well it was just a feeling and nothing else. We cannot be absolutely certain unless there is data or evidence to actually back it up.

The speculation could stop this week when someone provided me with a link to a database of Steam titles (Steam, as in the video game service). SteamDB is a third-party site that among other things extracts data and figures out which “SDKs” are used by Steam games: Their list of game titles on Steam using curl.

Since that list is capped at 10,000 titles, I had to filter it and add up the number of titles based on release year. Out of the 91,559 titles they currently list in their database, 22,734 are identified to be using curl: 24.8%.

Not too shabby for a hobby.


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5 thoughts on “Inside 22,734 Steam games”

  1. I take curl for granted and is probably one of the most used tools I use on a daily basis. For that, I wholeheartedly thank you. ?

  2. You jelly coz you don’t get a 5 cent out of it and deep inside you regret you never did it with a commercial license on top

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