80 Novels in One Go

80 romaner för dig som har brÃ¥ttomHenrik Lange is the author and illustrator of this book in Swedish that contains 80 international and some Swedish novels, each concentrated down to a single-page comic strip consisting of four squares only, and then one of them is “wasted” on the title!

They’re often really witty and yet they capture the core and culprit of the novels, and with fine illustrations to go with that!

Sagan om ringen - excerp from the book It’s a great and fun read and one of those books you can have lying around and just read a random page every now and then and enjoy them every time.

The example strip here on the right is typical for the book. A couple of thousand pages crammed into 3 squares…

Oh for the english readers, the title of the book translates to something like “80 novels for people in a hurry”. The Kindle only takes 120 more! 🙂