Debian Unstable – yes Unstable

For the last few years I’ve been running Debian systems for most of my home machines and the handful of servers I admin. I tend to run Debian Unstable on my desktops and development machines and Debian Testing on the servers.

I have no idea what Debian release names these corresponds to and I really really don’t care. People sometimes ask me or tell me about their Sid or Lenny or whatever the names are and I can just never learn them and I really don’t need to know them.

I dist-upgrade most of my machines frequently so I’m really not on any of Sid or Lenny or similar. I’m truly on Testing and Unstable, and even if I think Unstable possibly is a rather unfortunate name I think they are more describing as they are mere labels on very moving targets and remain the same over the years independent of Debian doing releases or not. Which is just a reason for me to just not care at all if Debian does infrequent releases or not, as long as packages go into these repos without too much lag.