Download (Yester)Day

I won’t be joining the attempted world record of Firefox downloads on the release day June 17th 2008 since I dist-upgraded my Debian unstable just a few days ago and I got my Firef… eh Iceweasel version 3 then.

Of course, others have also noted that Firefox will miss a few Linux users downloading that version as Linux users all over will prefer to get it using their distros’ ordinary means of getting packages and updates…

Firefox 3

RF4CE goes 2.4GHz

I learned about the new consortium called RF4CE (Radio Frequency for Consumer Electronics) that seems to consist of a range of the consumer electronics giants (but oddly I cannot find any actual web site explaining any details on this gang) and they’re obviously working on a new remote control standard based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard so hopefully we’ll soon see remote controls go to the 2.4GHz band and fight the growing number of devices there, to make remote controls more functional on wider ranges than the somewhat limited infrared thingies current devices use.

Oh, and of course that’ll force us to buy new “all-in-one” remote controls soonish… 🙂

Freescale press-release, Sony press-release

Twentyfour inches any good?

My 19″ (Acer) LCD screen at work died the other day. It started flickering a lot and when I tried to switch it off/on to see if the flickering would go away, it wouldn’t go back on again.

I got a lowly 1280×1024 screen to borrow until my new screen would arrive and I got to experience that using the panning screen thing of Kubuntu (my desktop would remain 1600×1200 since I preferred not to reboot or even shutdown my X) could easily get the mouse coordinates confused and then I had to hurry up to the upper left corner to “reset” the coordinates and then I could again click on the correct items on the screen…an lcd screen

Very well, I got a 24″ 240BW Philips. This being a widescreen thing (they’re really taking over the world, those widescreen versions) it prefers 1920×1200 resolution. My computer had one of them intel graphics chips (82Q963/Q965) on the board and dang, I got no good resolution no matter how I poked the xorg.conf file. After trying out 915resolution, I learned that the graphics card couldn’t in fact show the necessary resolution so I had to insert a card that can. I got a dreaded Nvidia and now I’m using the evil proprietary drivers to get DVI at this resolution…

But I must say that with my 19″ at 1600×1200 and my 20″ at home at the same resolution, bumping up the screen size yet another notch to 24″ makes me think 1920×1200 is kind of on the low side for such a huge screen. I did a quick check on my favourite tech stuff compare site ( but it seems there’s no screens with higher resolutions at this size?