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Twentyfour inches any good?

My 19″ (Acer) LCD screen at work died the other day. It started flickering a lot and when I tried to switch it off/on to see if the flickering would go away, it wouldn’t go back on again.

I got a lowly 1280×1024 screen to borrow until my new screen would arrive and I got to experience that using the panning screen thing of Kubuntu (my desktop would remain 1600×1200 since I preferred not to reboot or even shutdown my X) could easily get the mouse coordinates confused and then I had to hurry up to the upper left corner to “reset” the coordinates and then I could again click on the correct items on the screen…an lcd screen

Very well, I got a 24″ 240BW Philips. This being a widescreen thing (they’re really taking over the world, those widescreen versions) it prefers 1920×1200 resolution. My computer had one of them intel graphics chips (82Q963/Q965) on the board and dang, I got no good resolution no matter how I poked the xorg.conf file. After trying out 915resolution, I learned that the graphics card couldn’t in fact show the necessary resolution so I had to insert a card that can. I got a dreaded Nvidia and now I’m using the evil proprietary drivers to get DVI at this resolution…

But I must say that with my 19″ at 1600×1200 and my 20″ at home at the same resolution, bumping up the screen size yet another notch to 24″ makes me think 1920×1200 is kind of on the low side for such a huge screen. I did a quick check on my favourite tech stuff compare site (prisjakt.nu) but it seems there’s no screens with higher resolutions at this size?