A talk that won’t happen

I had already talked to the guys about going to FSCONS 2008 and do a talk about Rockbox and reverse engineering when I realized that the very same weekend we’re going to Rome, Italy with my company and if that isn’t enough, the Google summer of code mentor summit is also taking place that weekend in late October so if Italy somehow got canceled I would probably rather go to California… I quite enjoyed FSCONS last year so I’m a bit annoyed about this situation.

Isn’t that just the irony of life? Here I have an entire autumn with nothing much planned and then all of a sudden three events all take place on the same weekend.

I’m still on for another talk in September in Stockholm though but since I haven’t seen any public details about it I’ll refrain from being specific just yet.

2 thoughts on “A talk that won’t happen”

  1. Rome, my hometown. It’s a shame I live in Germany now, I might have shown you a couple of funny places… 😉
    Oops, just checked the date: on that very same weekend I am in Holland at the X-Party 2008. Pernod will be there too.

  2. …. would have been great to have you here this year, but to make our life easier you better book the entire autumn of 2009 for FSCONS 🙂

    /hesa (part of the organising team)

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