Not Based on Linux

Linux Action ShowOk so the guys on the Linux Action Show podcast don’t really get a lot of bonus points from me lately. The episode after they had their “we need to sell proprietary software” outburst, they slammed the Rockbox 3.0 release (roughly 23:40 into the episode for you who want to fast-forward to it).

They started off the news about Rockbox 3.0 claiming it is based on Linux (which it isn’t and never was), only to mention that they failed to install on their ipod 3rd gen at their first attempt (but succeeded at a second attempt), whined somewhat on the installer and then again complained about the inability to install themes even though this is 3.0 yada yada yada.

All in all, pretty much a complete non-understanding for the hard work and endless time that hundreds of people have put into Rockbox. Nothing particular to hear or care about, just a bit annoying.