More libcurl adoption

Some recent news showing libcurl possibly widening its user-base:

Eugene V. Lyubimkin posted a suggestion that libcurl should be used by the upcoming APT release for all ftp and http accesses!

Mr Johansen at Sun told us libcurl is being considered (via the pycurl binding) for the new OpenSolaris package manager.

perl’s widely used module for HTTP/FTP etc, called LWP, has gotten a libcurl-powered sibling called LPW-curl, which if I understand things correctly makes transfers using the traditional LWP-style and API but is powered by libcurl underneath.

Someone (not being me) registered The site actually contains rather accurate info but if I disable adblock it shows lots of ads on the page though so I guess that’s why the page exists… (googling for “libcurl” now shows this site among the 5-6 first hits, which surprises me…)