Avatars by gravatar

Daniel's gravatar avatar imageI’m using one of those fancy WordPress plugins on this blog that makes use of gravatar for the avatar images that appear next to your name when you post a comment. So if you comment here on daniel.haxx.se and want to see a fancy personal image next to your wise words, skip over to gravatar.com and put up a picture of you that then will be associated with your email address.

This system does not reveal your email address to any outsider, as the avatar is received from their service simply by sending a oneway hash of your address.

This isn’t really anything new here, it’s been like this for a while but I figured I should explain it better to the few who might not have realized this yet…

One less podcast to listen to

As I’ve mentioned in the past I do enjoy listening to podcasts while doing the dishes or shopping, and now I have one less show to monitor as Linux Action Show is giving up their “long” format and is going video and only doing short audio ones.

For me who likes listening while doing other things, video podcasts are totally wrong. And then doing audio streams based on a video podcast sounds like the wrong way forward, at least if you want to provide good a audio podcast. I think this is the end of my interest of their show.

Thankfully Randal and Leo have kept up the speed of FLOSS Weekly lately!