Project is Standard now

I fell over a (warning: Swedish!) article on the Swedish site describing the nominees for the yearly award “Guldmusen” (“the golden mouse”). One of them is this year the highly deserving Adam Dunkel, originator of among other things the very cool lwip (light weight IP) open source project.

However, in both articles on IDG that’s not how lwip is described. It is instead claimed to be “an unofficial world standard”.

world standard” huh? Yes I admit that makes it sound quite a few notches better than “well-used and appreciated open source project”.

But lwip is an TCP/IP stack. A very small one. How can that be a standard, even if you call it an unofficial one? continues to be rediculed by me and my friends and the reasons are silly things like this. Let’s hope they continue to amuse us for a long time to come! 🙂