libssh2I’ve played around with a possible new design for the libssh2 web site and I’ve put it up on for everyone to play around with and comment (on the libssh2-devel list please).

The original and actual home page for the project is still over at but I’m not happy with that because of a few things:

The wiki duplicates info that we these days write in man pages and hardly anyone updates the wiki so it lags behind or just contains false or outdated info. I also think having the entire site a wiki a bit problematic for things like menus and generic site layout etc.

I want daily snapshots, web versions of the man pages and mailing list archives to be somewhat integrated in the site to be easier to find.

I already hosted libssh2-related stuff anyway so I’ve just packaged it in a slightly more friendly way. In my view.

What do you think?