Adding known hosts support

… to libcurl and libssh2!

I’m about to start this little mini adventure, so if you’re one of the guys out there who’s been looking forward to be able to do even more (Open)SSH-like things with curl and libcurl when we use SCP and SFTP then consider this a little notification to start listening!

This will require improvements and changes in both projects, and funnily enough I’m already involved knee-deep in both so that shouldn’t cause any problems. I do however greatly appreciate feedback and reviews of my pending implementation proposals! I want this done in a way that benefits many and that isn’t too likely to break at least within the nearest future.

Ok, enough of that. Stand by for posts to the mailing lists. I’ll start off with the libcurl one which will thus be a slightly higher level API for all this. I’ll update this blog post later on to feature direct links to my proposals. Please consider posting responses to the suggestions to the appropriate mailing list!

The libcurl proposal

The first mail to libssh2-devel