Stockholm from above

At my little party for my 40th birthday, I got a present from a few awesome friends: a flight over Stockholm by helicopter. At August 19th 2011 it was made into reality and I spent roughly 20 minutes in the air. I took a (shaky) movie of the tour that you can see below. Enjoy.

Tack Grönros, Ericsson och Feltzing!

I had the seat to the left of the driver and had a spectacular ability to view everything both forwards and to the left. The ride was “shaky” and you could really feel the wind affect the little thing. The weather was sunny and 20-21 something degrees Celsius, a perfect day for this.

To really make it a day, I also opened up and had a sip from my Smokehead Extra Black that I received at the same time as the helicopter ride. It was similarly super!

I took the video with my simple Fujifilm FinePix F100fd camera, and I edited it with Openshot – which I had never done before. I found it to be a nice experience and I’m likely to use that tool again. I also learned that if you upload a 1.2GB video to youtube that is longer than 15 minutes, it will allow you to waste a long time to upload it, it will convert it, it will give you a link to it and then when you view that link… it says the video was too long so you can’t see it!

3 thoughts on “Stockholm from above”

  1. So damn cool.

    I wish I had a 40 birthday party and that nice friends… 🙂

    The video could do good with some anti shake software (or you do the trip again).

    Parachute when 30, helicopter when 40. At 50 we will send you to the moon.

    …and when 60 we take you back 🙂

  2. May I bring to your attention advogato redi’s post of August 23 “recentlog seems to stop rendering after the in bagder’s post, I’m not sure why” ? Thanks.

  3. @badvogato: sure you can put my attention to that, but what are you suggesting I would go ahead and do about it? I have no affiliation with that site and I’m “just” a wordpress user here…

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