17 thoughts on “HTTP/2 for TCP/IP Geeks”

  1. I find slides very limited. Is it so hard to stick a ‘smart’ phone somewhere in the room and at least record audio to go along with the slides?

  2. Hi Daniel, your hardwork is not good enough. Could you please send me a pint of blood through the mail to make up for it? J/k 🙂

  3. Jeez Daniel – don’t have to be a dick about it. If your going to bother sticking slides out on the internet would it have been so hard to attach the audio to go along with it?

  4. “Below is the slide set, but as usual it might not be entirely self explanatory…”

    So you know its incomplete, but you are a dick about someone asking why you couldn’t post some audio?

  5. If I had only recorded the sound, you would have flamed me for that since it would not be easy to know which slides that go with which talk. And people interrupting or asking would be hard to hear and make the talk one-sided. And chances are the general sound quality would’ve sucked. How hard would it be to record the sound properly?

    If I had recorded the talk using a basic video camera from a distance, getting proper sound would’ve been hard – especially discussion and question parts. How hard would it be to get the sound proper when recording a video?

    If I would’ve gotten perfect sound and perfect audio, you would asked for me to edit out the portions where we discuss silly things or unrelated jokes. How hard would it be to edit the video to be more on topic?

    Am I a dick about it? No I’m not. I did a talk, I held it in front of an audience and I then share my slides for it. That was actually not hard perhaps but I have put a lot of work into it.

    If you want to read a lot of text with a fine HTTP/2 explanation, I have written a 30+ document called “http2 explained” that describes most details about HTTP/2 and I think that text will cover for most of the lacking text in these slides.

  6. Thanks for posting these slides. It answered a few questions I had and I’m especially excited about the rate of adoption.

  7. Thanks for posting this. I found it a good 5-minute overview of HTTP/2.
    Please ignore the whiners and trolls.

  8. Thanks for posting these slides! Even by themselves, they do a great job of introducing what HTTP/2 is all about.

  9. Yeah, haters. Really good slides and info for reading by everyone. Thanks for your shared work Daniel! 🙂

  10. I came for the slides and stayed for the random snarky asshat comments, which are hilarious.

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