curl user survey results 2016

The annual curl user poll was up 11 days from May 16 to and including May 27th, and it has taken me a while to summarize and put together everything into a single 21 page document with all the numbers and plenty of graphs.

Full 2016 survey analysis document

The conclusion I’ve drawn from it: “We’re not done yet”.

Here’s a bonus graph from the report, showing what TLS backends people are using with curl in 2016 and 2015:


2 thoughts on “curl user survey results 2016”

  1. “We discovered a disappointingly low level of interest and we have no way to figure out why this is so.”

    I, for one, check your list archives once in a while to see what you guys are up to, but I’m not subscribed, didn’t hear about it, didn’t vote.

    I voted in at least one previous one and presume it hit the news sites at the time and caught everyone’s attention.

    1. @dogma, right and as I said: I marketed this one in no less ways than the previous one so it wasn’t my actions that made the huge difference. I think it was rather the actions of others or that some parties with a larger following distributed the news better last year. Maybe.

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